Techniques for dead teeth whitening

The whitening teeth has become a routine procedure for many people. This treatment is done in dental offices with equipment adequate, and also in home with over the counter products. A whitening undoubtedly requires the assistance of a dentist, she is cleaning a dead tooth. The decision on what procedure to use depends on the … [Read more…]

Pasting a dental bridge

Many people have an expensive work dental, including bridges Dental. These bridges are often used to replace teeth lost to decay or injury. Bridges are usually attached to existing teeth and can create an attractive smile. Since the bridges are attached to the other teeth, there is always the possibility of breakage or slippage. Cemented … [Read more…]

How to whiten teeth with baking powder

Use baking powder or baking soda when brushing your teeth, you can remove the brown or yellow stains and whiten teeth. It is highly recommended for its antibacterial properties, as well as for its ability to kill the microorganisms responsible for periodontal infections. “It also neutralizes and detoxifies acids and bacterial toxins that forms on … [Read more…]

How to whiten teeth at home for free

A smile perfect with white teeth equal to commercial television is the dream of many people. In some cases it is not enough only with brushing teeth so that the teeth look good targets. Some of the reasons are external factors such as snuff and coffee. These habits because stains on teeth that make them … [Read more…]

How to strengthen teeth and gums

Your teeth and gums are important and perhaps are the parts of your body underrated. With age, decay dental and gum disease are becoming more common. However, it is possible to prevent and even reverse the decline in hygiene oral following a series of simple steps. Strengthening teeth and gums you can be done without … [Read more…]

How to fix front teeth nicked

The teeth front jagged or irregular usually can be arranged with cosmetic dentistry. If your teeth are broken, chipped or misshapen, a dentist can iron out and link your teeth to restore or fill the gaps between them. You can also apply a veneer or cover the front of teeth to improve your appearance. In … [Read more…]

How to clean dental veneers

Once your veneers dental are in place, you may not need follow-up appointments. The cleaning and care of them can be done at home quite easily and without the need for any special equipment. Although your teeth may have some feeling for a couple of days after placement, they will eventually return to normal, so … [Read more…]

Home remedy or inflamed gums

If you have swollen gums, it’s time to try some remedy home. A mild case of inflamed gums, also known as gingivitis, and often can be remedied without visiting expensive and unpleasant to the dentist. Of course, the most serious cases should be treated by a medical professional. ID Inflamed gums become red and swollen. … [Read more…]

Why you should visit a dentist often

If you take a close look at the people, it is likely to see the teeth, or the lack thereof. When you see someone who appears to be attractive as long as he or she opens her mouth to reveal brown rotting teeth, the whole image of that person can change in an instant. Someone … [Read more…]

Why visit a dentist

Before the advent of modern dentistry, people used to experience pain and tooth loss from their youth. Having stained or misaligned or even losing them, many people disfigured teeth. Those no longer had teeth in old age could not chew and, as a result, suffered from malnutrition and dying prematurely. Today, most of those who … [Read more…]