The pain from tooth sensitivity is easily identifiable as it always appears to various stimuli but clearly recognizable: foods or very cold or very hot drinks, eating sweets or acidic substances, brushing teeth, pain when breathing cold air, etc..


Many situations cause exposure of dentinal tubules and can cause Dental Sensitivity. These are usually related to the style of life of patients and their daily oral hygiene habits:


The Dentin Hypersensitivity (HD) or Dental Sensitivity is defined as an intense and transient dental pain caused by the exposure of dentin inside the tooth, the oral medium that appears after contact with an external stimulus: food and cold drinks, hot, sour, sweet; Touch pressure, etc…


The duration of dentures depends on many factors, but one of the most important is the motivation of the patient at the time of its care. For this reason, the specialist must assess proper operation regularly and make a briefing to ensure that the patient makes a correct


During the integration process of the prosthesis can be developed denture stomatitis or mucosal lesions (such as ulcers) caused by a wrong seat or displacement thereof. This situation can generate, in turn, pain problems, difficulty speaking and chewing less force.

How to make your implants last 15 years

Implant treatment, once finished, needs a clinical supervision and proper for good survival mouth maintenance. Thus, contrary to popular belief, the implants are not “lifetime”. They have considerable durability in mouth (10 to 15 years on average), the durability greater than other dental rehabilitation, but is conditioned by several factors, one of which is maintenance.

How to choose a good dentist

Dentists are a partner for life. As ideally expect our teeth last us forever, it is essential to know to choose a good dentist confidence that meets our oral health and that of our family with the highest professional level.