The duration of dentures depends on many factors, but one of the most important is the motivation of the patient at the time of its care. For this reason, the specialist must assess proper operation regularly and make a briefing to ensure that the patient makes a correct

placement of the prosthesis and for point’s masticatory stability and the specific techniques of daily care.

He has also explained how to care and clean dentures daily to prevent further such as presence of tartar, halitosis or ulcerations consequences.

The oral hygiene habits that the person should wear removable dentures are:

  • Wash and massage the mucosa by the prosthesis cover twice daily, using a toothbrush with a very soft bristles or velvety to massage the edentulous ridge. The margins of the prosthesis can be easily accessible to the accumulation of oral biofilm (plaque). For this reason, require greater dedication to cleaning.
  • It is important to use cleaning tablets daily because they remove the oral biofilm. Confront 99.9% of bacteria and fungi of the prosthesis and dentures cleaned without damaging it. Also, remove stains from tea, coffee or snuff.
  • Clean the back of the tongue with a tongue cleaner.
  • It is advisable to remove the prosthesis at night to rest pressure that can produce this type of appliance.

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