During the integration process of the prosthesis can be developed denture stomatitis or mucosal lesions (such as ulcers) caused by a wrong seat or displacement thereof. This situation can generate, in turn, pain problems, difficulty speaking and chewing less force.

The smaller force of chewing, especially with hard foods, can generate dissatisfaction amended the act of eating pleasure and carry nutritional problems affecting overall health. Therefore, the use of an adhesive binder, which provides safety and comfort it is recommended: improved stability of the prosthesis, and increases the retention force of biting, forms a seal between the denture and the gum and the prosthesis is ensured move or off.

One of the drawbacks of the prosthesis, if they are not set correctly, is that food waste can become trapped between them and the gum, a fact that generates discomfort while promoting the growth of bacteria that can cause bad breath.

It also entails psychological problems caused by the insecurity that involves talking and teaching aids.

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