Many situations cause exposure of dentinal tubules and can cause Dental Sensitivity. These are usually related to the style of life of patients and their daily oral hygiene habits:

  • Improper tooth brushing in strength and / or frequency and a very abrasive toothpaste may cause abrasion of enamel and / or cement, exposing the dentin.
  • Meals and drinks with acid (citrus juices, carbonated soft drinks, etc.). Decalcification or cause erosion of the tooth above the level of his neck.
  • Excessive force chewing (occlusal trauma, bruxism) or bad habits can cause the patient wear (attrition and / or abreaction) and dentin exposure.
  • Periodontal treatment, especially surgery, can remove some of the gum leading to gingival recession.
  • General conditions or certain situations that cause an oral acid medium, such as stomach diseases (ulcer, hiatal hernia, etc…), Psychological (bulimia, anorexia nervosa) or professionals (wine tasters, bakers, etc…).
  • It can also appear as a result of gingival recession caused by dental treatment, as a professional cleaning, basic periodontal or orthodontic treatment. Although it can also be caused by a simple anatomical anomaly that, because of a defect, the dentin is exposed.

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