How to choose a professional dentist

The care of the teeth and mouth is crucial to enjoy good oral health. While it is true that since we are little we are taught how important it is to wash your teeth every day, the truth is that oral hygiene goes much further and numerous factors come into play to avoid pathologies. Within these preventive measures are visits to the dentist to check that everything is in order.

However, choosing a professional dentist in Barcelona is not as easy as it might seem, since the mouth is a very delicate part of the body and there are even certain people who are so afraid of the dentist that they prefer to put their oral health at risk than going through the bad swallow of going to the consultation.

Obviously, this fear is irrational, since generally dentists do not hurt, and if any treatment can cause discomfort in the patient, the different types of anesthesia relevant to each case will be applied. In that sense, the phobia of the dentist is unjustified, and only one must look for a dental clinic that inspires confidence.

These centers increasingly offer a wider range of treatments, which not only focus on pathologies and the functional aspect of the teeth, but have also opened the vein to dental aesthetics, an aspect with many followers and importance in our current society.

6 factors to choose dentist

A friend recommends it:  Accustomed to being a reliable source of information. You can use your friends and family to recommend quality dentists and good prices. Another is that once you go to the recommended center you discover that it does not fit your needs and preferences.

Good practices: Your dentist must explain to you in an understandable way what is the state of your mouth, what treatment you may need and the actual alternatives available. It is also important to feel comfortable and that the treatment is friendly on the part of the entire team of the clinic. A good dentist would advise you, care about you, know you and make recommendations that are optimal for good oral health, regardless of whether it is more or less profitable for the clinic in question.

Updated and quality equipment: Make sure that the clinic is modernized, comfortable and has the latest and best methods and tools to treat you, as technological advances allow to reduce the number of sessions required.

Geographical situation: Logically, the most comfortable thing is that the query is close to your area, although you can also travel a few kilometers. Keep in mind that some dental treatments need several appointments and can last for months, or that you need to be treated for an emergency.

Treatments on offer:  Some clinics offer only specialized treatments (such as implant ology centers). It is advisable to look for a clinic that gathers several specialists and can thus accommodate a wide range of treatments. This will keep you from having to change clinics. It is also important to find out what material they use (national, European, Chinese, etc.)

Transparent prices: As many of the well-known franchises do, very low prices are currently used as bait to attract customers. What is hidden is that these prices (for example, € 230 implant) do not include surgery, parts, consultations, anesthesia … You have to look at prices and compare, but always taking into account the price of the treatment once completed. An economic dentist does not mean it’s good. Neither that it is very expensive means that you have to give more quality. Dental treatments are worth what they are worth. Look for a good dentist at a competitive price, but not deceptively cheap.

Taking all this into account, an analysis of the options that we have around us can be made. In the case of cities, there seems to have been a boom in dental clinics in recent times, so the offer is quite broad. The best thing is to go to these centers and request information. It can be a good way to see the facilities and equipment on site, at the same time you check that it is a “reliable” place.

Although there is usually not much variation with what they show on their web pages, for a treatment as intimate as that offered by dentistry, it is best to see it first-hand and ask all the questions that are necessary to end up deciding on those professionals who will take care of your oral health for years, if the treatment is satisfactory, of course.