How to clean your teeth

Teeth brushing is a habit of hygiene that should be daily or, at least, after each meal.

Our experience at the clinic tells us that two out of three patients do not brush their teeth well or at least as well as they could. For this reason, when you visit us for a cleaning, our dental hygienists Alicia PĂ©rez and Anna Lanes explain how to use the toothbrush, what kind of brush is best for you, the movements of the brush on the tooth and what parts of the mouth we must pay more attention?

Washing your teeth is a habit of hygiene that gives a clean look to your image, but it is also a health insurance for your future. Brushing your teeth and visiting us periodically for cleanings helps maintain a healthy mouth.

We find many cases that due to poor dental hygiene have lost teeth, damaged gums and, ultimately, a mouth in very bad condition. In these cases, the solution is more complex treatment such as implants, endodontic or any other treatment considered by the professional.

Our conclusion is always the same: brushing your teeth prevents future problems.

Because to brush your teeth it is important to know how to do it. We give you our guidelines for a good brushing:

  • It is important to choose the brush because there are soft, medium and hard bristles. It depends on the situation of the mouth and the way the user brushes.
  • The toothpaste used is not very important unless there are sensitivities or some gum problem. In that case, the toothpaste will have to be special.
  • To brush the teeth simply put the brush on the tooth and massage in circles, unless there are problems of recession.
  • It is important to gently brush the gums. This helps to avoid gingivitis problem.
  • Brush the tongue as it is a focus of bacteria.
  • You can finish the brushing with a mouthwash that helps you have a clean and fresh breath.

These guidelines are general and each mouth has its particularities. So when you come our hygienists explain how to make a good brushing.