How to face the fear of the dentist

It is usual that patients present fear to the dentist in a totally irrational way, and that this fear paralyzes them to the point of not wanting to undergo any dental check-up, so we advise read these recommendations so that if it happens to them, they know that they can control that anxiety and continue to have an iron dental health.

We want to echo all those aids that facilitate the assimilation of that type of fears in the day to day, so that they know that surpassing them will always feel positive and alert to all those issues that harm the natural evolution of these irrational fears. To imagine that a patient goes to the dentist can be a somewhat unpleasant and complicated task for the patient, so he will deserve the It is worth evaluating those moments in which anxiety prevails, and learning to control them calmly and intelligently, only then will it be possible for the patient to enjoy their treatment, seeing that the results are similar to those expected by professionals of the teeth and by the own patients.

The trust we want to develop in our regular patients, we want to extend to all facets of the same for which they spend, as each treatment requires a time and attention, but ultimately, all patients need to be served in a manner personal and dedicated, and that is why in Maryland, we offer all our current and future customers the following link with our contact information , so they do not lose the opportunity to continue feeling healthy and with a splendid smile.


At the time of performing any dental treatment to improve oral health and the most aesthetic aspect of your mouth, it is important to think about the process that leads to it, and in this sense, it is likely that this fear that has the dentist, materialize in an uncomfortable and unreasonable way, which should be controlled and managed as soon as possible. fear-dentist-1In many cases, this irrational fear of the dentist derives from the pain that has been experienced in previous dental treatments, such as endodontic or surgeries., which possibly took place when the anesthesia had not yet taken effect, or because the problem was complex to solve, the idea of ​​the dentist’s function is truncated facing the patient, and he faces it with a fear difficult to control.

It generates anxiety from the first moment. In other cases, it is the mere thought of lying on the chair in the dentistry room with open mouth and seeing how tools are introduced in it, which makes the patient feel helpless and afraid of what is going to happen. In either case, it is the uncertainty of the situation itself that causes that patient confronts the situation in a wrong way, giving a negative meaning to the figure of the dentist and the surrounding environment. It is about combating that feeling in the best possible way, and for that we offer recommendations and advice to be done in the consultation and before entering it when going to the dentist.