How to find the right toothbrush for yourself and your teeth – and completely stress-free!

If you look around for a toothbrush, you will almost be hit by the offer. The range of manual toothbrushes alone has become so wide-ranging that you rightly ask the question as to which one is most suitable for you. But more and more electric toothbrushes with a variety of technologies come on the market. In this article we help you to find the ideal toothbrush for yourself and your teeth. Regardless of the type of toothbrush, it is unquestionably the most important tool when it comes to optimally caring for your teeth.

About half of Germans suffer from periodontal disease. In the long term, such inflammations can lead to tooth loss. But the germs can also cause quite different diseases in the body. Such as cardiovascular diseases or problems with the vessels. So you should clean your teeth not just for oral hygiene, but also to be holistically healthy and stay healthy.

Surely you have already asked yourself the question whether you should better use a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush. When we have patients in my practice, this question is asked again and again. It does not matter so much, whether manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush. You can decide at your discretion what you can handle better.

Some prefer to brush with the manual toothbrush as usual, while others prefer to clean electrically. Often, patients think that electric toothbrushes almost take over the brushing and you just have to hold the toothbrush to the tooth. It’s not like this. And furthermore, some factors are much more important for holistic dental health.

Pay attention to the toothbrush head and especially the bristles

Not all places in your mouth are easily accessible. Therefore, it is important that you choose a toothbrush head that also reaches the less accessible areas. If you have a rather small mouth, you should reach for a small brush head. If your mouth is bigger, it can also be a larger and longer brush head. It is important that you feel comfortable while brushing and that you can cope well with the toothbrush.

The bristles have soft, medium and hard bristles. Again, it is true that what feels best for you. For most people, the mean bristle hardness is the most comfortable. If you have problems with irritated gums or are sensitive for other reasons, we recommend choosing soft bristles.

When cleaning always pay attention to the contact pressure. It is not necessary to press firm to clean the teeth clean. Much more important are the correct, circular movements to achieve an optimal cleaning result.