How to keep your teeth become yellow

The white colour is lost over the years.

It is normal that over the years are losing their teeth white. As aging hair turns gray teeth may suffer variations in colour and become yellowish. 

However taking care and avoid acquiring certain habits that age it prematurely. However, if you see your teeth start to have an abnormal colour go to the dentist. He will tell you what is the best remedy and the most appropriate treatments to follow.

Brush your teeth after every meal.

Hygiene is essential to prevent your teeth have stains and yellowing. Use a brush that does not have too hard bristles to keep you from bleeding gums.

You should do a brushing after every meal or drink with sugar. First do it only with the brush and then add toothpaste. Use one with bleach pigments. Flossing also be a great ally to remove food debris that are not within easy reach.

Finally, grab some mouthwash or mouth rinse to finish cleaning. It is better that you brush right after eating to prevent bacteria start acting. Your health should be more complete and careful even if you wear braces or braces.

Reduce sugary foods.

Consuming excessive sugary foods such as cakes, chocolate, pastries, jellies or candies damages the enamel of your teeth. Also sugary drinks or sodas are harmful if you take too many. Also the acid having citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemon and tangerine may damage your enamel.

Do not eat these fruits in abundance. Another important contributing cause your teeth to turn yellow is caffeine. People who drink tea or coffee tend to have more yellow than those who do not consume these beverages teeth.

Say goodbye to snuff.

Nicotine is the main enemy of dental health. This substance found in cigarettes causes progressive your teeth discoloration. Besides yellow teeth from smoking may result over time in a black color. On the other hand, excess alcohol also induces having this problem. Avoid coloured as red wine, whiskey or cognac drinks.

Prevents your teeth suffer trauma.

It is important to protect your teeth suffer any trauma, stroke or disease because otherwise we probably yellowish in the future. So a tooth that has undergone a decay is more likely to lose their white hue. Equally there are diseases that damage to enamel (upper layer of the tooth) or dentin (lower layer) are irreversible consequences.

There are also certain treatments used to cure other diseases that can damage your teeth. Thus, for example, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are used to fight cancer.

Consume only drugs you need.

You should try not to take medication for very long time unless absolutely necessary.Some like antibiotics and other containing tetracycline and doxycycline cause stains on teeth. You should also avoid excess fluoride.

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