How to make your implants last 15 years

Implant treatment, once finished, needs a clinical supervision and proper for good survival mouth maintenance.

Thus, contrary to popular belief, the implants are not “lifetime”. They have considerable durability in mouth (10 to 15 years on average), the durability greater than other dental rehabilitation, but is conditioned by several factors, one of which is maintenance.

You are responsible for safeguarding their implants outside the office, and it must follow the directions of your dentist. We can summarize them:


The snuff, as the enemy of our teeth and gums is an enemy of the implants, especially if there was already an added component of periodontal disease. We should note that periodontal disease often is the factor by which you have lost your teeth, and what has been thrust into the implant replacement thereof. The association snuff + periodontal disease is a clear risk to the permanence of their implants in the mouth.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene

With all the instruments at its disposal. You will have to use a toothbrush, dental floss and interproximal brushes or brushes, like any other person who has his own teeth in the mouth.

Also, it is very important for proper sanitation implants using a hand piece and a suitable mouthwash , especially if your implant prosthesis is fixed.

The oral irrigators work driving through a cannula, water pressure, which reaches to clean corners in the mouth, which would otherwise be very difficult to access. Also run on rechargeable batteries, and have different sizes, so you can even carry on trips. They require no subsequent disbursement, since all spending is water.

As for mouthwash, your dentist will advise you on the most recommended in your case. Normally, it is best to use one with a percentage of chlorhexidine in low concentrations, as it is a great antiseptic.

For cases in which the implant is over denture prosthesis type (removable) in the same hygiene easier because you can remove it and clean it with a special denture brush and soapy water.


It is essential that you go to their periodic reviews in consultation, usually annually, to ensure clinical and radiographic control, in which the dentist can keep track of the status of their implants, bone level around them, state gingival pockets possible presence of infections, mobility, etc.

Dismantling of the prosthesis on implant

Finally, it is also necessary to assess the dentist every so often do a teardown of the prosthesis on the implant, to clean and assess whether to replace any component thereof.


So you need to raise awareness of the importance of these factors, let him know that the long term success of implant treatment depends not only on course for a good performance of the treatment by the physician, but also a proper maintenance, in which his own personal collaboration is essential.

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