How to whiten teeth with baking powder

Use baking powder or baking soda when brushing your teeth, you can remove the brown or yellow stains and whiten teeth. It is highly recommended for its antibacterial properties, as well as for its ability to kill the microorganisms responsible for periodontal infections. “It also neutralizes and detoxifies acids and bacterial toxins that forms on the plates (bacterial biofilm).

I would put this cheap and easy product to get as first on the list of potentially beneficial ingredients of a dentifrice, “said Dr. Paul H. Keyes, founder of the International Dental Health Foundation. Baking soda can be used alone or in combination with other products that you probably have in your home.


  1. Put a small amount of baking soda into a glass. Moisten the bristles of a toothbrush clean and place it into the glass, collecting as much soda as you can. Brush your teeth and rinse well. To get rid of the unpleasant taste of baking, brush again with your regular toothpaste.
  2. Make a paste with baking soda a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Brush your teeth with this mixture, taking care not to swallow it. Rinse your mouth profusely and brush again using your regular toothpaste.
  3. Brush your teeth and rinse well. Apply dry baking soda on your teeth and gums and let it stay there as much as it stands. Rinse your mouth wide, making swish until the liquid comes out clean and no longer feel the gritty mouth.
  4. Prepare an economic mouthwash by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Baking powder works by neutralizing the bacteria in your mouth can cause bad breath.
  5. Mix baking soda to your toothpaste to have more whitening power. Brush well and rinse profusely.