What to do with fear of the dentist?

Really like going to the dentist probably very few people. Most patients (60-80% of the population) give a sense of fear of the dentist visit, and 20% of them are considered to be highly anxious. But what about those who do not go out of sheer fear? And often for years? These are estimated to approximately 5% of the population. These people often suffer from dental phobia (Oral phobia), where the transitions from normal to pathological fear of dental treatment are fluid.

From my own experience I would like to make these people here and courage on my own experiences as a – former – report dentist-patient anxiety; For I have overcome my fear and go now regularly among the semi-annual check-ups and for the prophylaxis / professional cleanings at my dentist. The state of my teeth I would now describe again as well.

The reasons for dental fear

The causes of the exaggerated fear of the dentist are often based on traumatic experiences in dental visits in the past. In addition, the anticipatory anxiety is in pain and often negative stories about dental procedures in the social environment (family, parents, and friends!). Financial aspects, not being able to afford adequate treatment the “beautiful teeth” provides the result, also often play a not to be underestimated.

For me it was a mix of all the reasons and the feeling that my teeth are a result of years of “dentist abstinence” in such poor condition that they already have all pulled and I’ll get dentures. This has long been my belief and the prevailing belief: The absolute horror so!

The first step to overcoming dental fear

When felt so bad that nothing went, I finally at the dentist, I had long been on my list, called and made an appointment. So succinctly as that may sound to outsiders, but that was the first and most important step to overcoming fear at all – to pick up the phone and just call.

During the first appointment a conversation about the situation and reasons took place with the dentist. He took the time to submit several proposals for anxiety treatment. What I have found very pleasant was the fact that he wore no clothes doctor and talking in an office that did not take place in the dental chair. The teeth he did not want to see, but asked if I would agree, if he makes a radiograph.

Because he can to the first assessment / diagnosis already seen a lot, I agreed, and we looked at the picture together. It was (almost) everything completely OK; I was a little relieved teeth so not all had to get out, as I had feared.

We agreed a first dental treatment under general anesthesia is a good basis for further treatments to provide. Everything went well. Four years have passed since then and my teeth are now with 5 crowns back in order.

Information on dental fear in Internet

I had a look around at the time, according to dentists who specialize in anxiety patients on the Internet and very few that said they treated the subject on their homepages. If you look at today on the web at, so you win as a dentist-patient fear the impression that the supervised nearly every dental fear patients today. But be careful: For most dentists I have the feeling that this issue is addressed only to patient recovery, according to the motto “anxious patients we treat.” If you look at the information, then it soon becomes clear that behind the theme is no convincing concept. There is talk around it spongy to my mind.

How do you know a good dentist anxiety?

The most important in my experience points that you have to look for in a dentist for fear patients:

  • In addition to the sensitive and careful dental treatment also an anxiolytic therapy is offered
  • A treatment in (full) anesthesia should be used only for extensive renovations to the dental anxiety reduction. The advantage: you achieve fast results that motivate the patient to make the dental work on. So a gradual reduction of anxiety takes place.
  • Does the dentist the possibility in advance an initial interview without dental treatment at?
  • If the dental practice team trained in dealing with anxious patients – there is this information on the website?
  • Read the reviews of the dentist / practice on the Internet.
  • I wish you all good luck in finding the right dentist. Go to the topic, because except the dental fear you have nothing to lose.