Whitening technique rifle

Laser applications have many uses in science, military and medicine. Whitening techniques use lasers in dentistry and for the last two decades. Teeth become discolored by natural aging and what we eat and drink. Smoking, drinking dark sodas, coffee and tea and eating foods that are acidic discolor teeth. Whiting technique rifle laser removes these stains economically. Compared with bleach whitening,

Things you’ll need

  • Safety goggles
  • Bib paper
  • Collecting water
  • Suction extension
  • Gun rifle whitening
  • Whitening rifle is cheaper and less time consuming.


  • Choose a dentist who uses the rifle whitening technique.
  • Preparing the patient to keep his mouth wide open print during manufacture. The feeling is cool and moist. Biting plates and then do not move.
  • Tie a bib around the patient to protect your clothing for any leakage that might come from the mouth during whitening procedure neck.
  • Deflect any accidental contact between laser and gum using dental impression. Laser precision is accurate, but accidents can happen.
  • Place the water uptake in the mouth and a suction extension. The laser will produce no heat.
  • Slide on protective clothing for eyes for the reflection of the laser light does not harm the user’s eyes.
  • Wield the laser in small movements over teeth. As moves are made whitening will begin to appear.
  • Give the patient a cup of water to rinse your mouth temperature. The procedure is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • Teeth care is the best way to keep your smile.
  • Do not move in the dentist’s chair. Be as still as possible. This will help the dentist to safely operate the pistol rifle.