Why go to the dentist

Sometimes we then visits the dentist , for lack of time, fear or simply think you do not need, but in reality, we need to continually turn to the dentist and serve those little details that later may worsen.

Sometimes the first thing you think is in pain, inconvenience and noise that make us feel bad, but dental evaluation or review goes beyond, allowing the dentist to examine your entire mouth, lips, gums, tongue, teeth and bones that support your teeth. It also serves to check for cavities, plaque and if the gum is healthy.

If this is the first time you go to the dentist, maybe you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire, to be performing a medical history, it is helpful to know if you are allergic to any antibiotics, medication or formula, if you have any heart problems, hypertension, a bleeding problem, chronic disease, so that the specialist can medicate safely.

It will use instruments such as the mirror, shoulders, with which you can review all your mouth perfectly, as you can see a tooth for a tooth. You can also get some x-rays or X-rays to see in detail your teeth. The dentist will ask you about your routine cleaning and care.

Besides a constant check prevents infection, chronic diseases and even tooth loss, using some appropriate treatment to what has been previously diagnosed.

Now it is very important to see a dentist continuously since our image speaks for us then to have neglected teeth or ill, we give notice that we are careless and do not have a care of ourselves.

It gets worse when we start a job search because analyzed to the smallest detail, such as you’d think if they maintain a serious conversation with someone and have bad breath or just a missing tooth, because there would be so seriously.

Now that you have external and internal reasons not let your mouth suffers, find a dentist and go to your reviews at least 2 times a year, maintain a healthy and pretty mouth. We invite you to check our Directory superwoman and find a specialist near your home

Do not waste time, we suggest you visit a dentist because usually mouth diseases are chronic in nature and gradually damage our tissues.