You are a patient of the dentist, not of the clinic

Go to dentists who know who they are, with name and surname, number of collegiate, that do not put you stick if you ask the claims sheets that do not give you long. That you know where to find him if you need him. That you like your work, that you enjoy planning and imagining your smile. You have to spend more time with him than with whoever “sells” your budget.

Who gives the budgets, nowadays, usually is a well-formed commercial, coming from the world of the sales (for example of the real estate, of the dealers of automobiles …) that do not know the difference between an own tooth and an implant, and therefore, and because they know how to do it, they will tell you the thousand and one advantages of having an implant and not the thousand and one advantages of having a periodontal ligament of its own, with its perpendicular fibers, oblique and circular that act as spring and cushion forces between the tooth and the bone.

They do not value biology and nature because they do not know it, they do not know it or care. They have studied and recycled constantly to find the thread from which to pull your wallet. And believe me they get it. And when you walk out the door, in effect, you’re “finished case”.

So look, ask, compare, do not hurry. It is a question of health. It must be resolved by a health professional.